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Bundle The Last Tree & Mirage

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A new albumn by Wayne White with 10 new original instrumental songs with an instrumental version of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" by the Beatles.

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The Last Tree


The Last Tree by Wayne White features 12 original finger style instrumental songs.  The CD is available for sale at any performance.  Read the Review:

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Wayne White Guitarist

I first heard the Beatles at my home in Sunny Slope, Idaho when I was 10 and felt drawn to the harmony. The Beatles influenced me to begin playing guitar and understanding the intricacies of music. By age 15 I began recording original music with my band. I studied at Boise State University and graduated from Musician’s Institute in 1991 in Hollywood, California. I have explored many styles of playing in my career and finger style solo guitar is the most challenging and satisfying to play and listen to. Alternating bass lines, cascading melodies and beautiful open tunings allow the guitar to be heard the way it was meant to be. Artists such as Alex De Grassi, Michael Hedges and Laurence Juber are a few who inspire me with their endless vision and technique. I currently enjoy performing at various local venues and private occasions and providing guitar instruction.



Acoustic fingerstyle guitar has been described as playing piano on the fretboard.  Okay.  Maybe.  I think the style is tough to encapsulate.  It has a flavor of Celtic and folk at times and the charm of jazz as well.  Some might describe the fluid melodies and harmonics as something closer to classical.  But what exactly would you call it when a talented musician begins to thump and tap a new dimension of percussion to his chords?  How do you classify the sound when the musician begins to play over the top of the neck or with both hands on the frets while crafting a song with hammer-ons and pull-offs.


I invite you to come enjoy a performance and try to define fingerstyle for yourself.  I promise this unique style is unforgettable and will leave you wanting to hear more.